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One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors. -- Plato (429-347 BC)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

CNN cannot abide a black republican candidate.

CNN evident bias, if not prejudice, is on display when they will only abide having a black candidate on the Democrat rostrum talking as a Democrat presidential candidate. However, if a Republican presidential candidate is black, it is anathema. Such a candidate is Former Ambassador Alan Keyes who entered the race later than his non-black Republican counterparts. CNN has established benchmark criteria to exclude Keyes from Wednesday's CNN televised debate in Florida. Keyes is listed among the candidates to be voted on in the Florida GOP Presidential Primary. However on Monday night at 11 p.m., CNN Political Director Sam Feist e-mailed the Alan Keyes campaign to inform the campaign — for the first time — that Ambassador Keyes would not be included in Wednesday evening's CNN/YouTube/Republican Party of Florida Debate. Prior to this notice, the campaign had received no word from the debate's sponsors about their intentions, one way or the other, to include Dr. Keyes, despite several inquires. The most the campaign was able to learn was that the decision was "ultimately up to CNN" . . . [Read More]

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Blogger Michigan Redneck said...

Considering that they are allowing Ron Paul, they must not have too high of criteria as to who can participate. Plus, they are allowing EVERYONE except Mr. Keyes. What's up with that?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was very disappointed to learn of CNN's decision to exclude Alan Keyes from its upcoming CNN/YouTube presidential debate. Ambassador Keyes has met the criteria to be included on the Florida ballot. Ergo, he is a candidate. His numbers in the recent Mason-Dixon Florida poll were higher than three of the candidates who will be participating in the debate. If the only remaining impediment to his inclusion in the debate is that his campaign has not reached an arbitrary threshold of contributions, then I submit that CNN has overstepped its role in the election process. The journalist's role is to inform the voters, not to winnow the competition and clear a path for the front runners.

I hope they reconsider their decision.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Copy of letter to CNN:

CNN Staff:

I was very upset to see that you have chosen to exclude the best candidate the Presidential race for 2008 has - Alan Keyes. I had changed parties to vote against the top running democrats, until Alan announced his candidacy. I then changed back so I could make sure I would be able to vote for Alan in the primary. He should be in this debate! This exclusion will keep Alan from being able to face off one on one with the other candidates, giving them an unfair advantage. This exclusion will serve to, not only keep him from the debate, but will also do damage to his campaign. This is the last debate before the primary season starts and it's important that this country is able to hear from all of the candidates, large and small. Your exclusion of Alan is nothing short of sabotage of his campaign and just isn't fair to Alan or this country. If people are able to hear Alan take on the top running Republicans I know that they will see what I see, that is Alan Keyes should be the next President! Please reconsider your decision to exclude Alan and send him an invitation to this debate ASAP!


Jeffery S.
Omaha, NE

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Copy provided by email:

It appears that you are about to ban Alan Keyes from the upcoming Republican debate. Ambassador Keyes would contribute immeasurably to the debate and to the size of the viewing audience. His appearance is in the best interest of CNN, your audience and the American people.

To help me understand, would you be so kind as to briefly explain the rationale for your decision?

Your faithful CNN viewer,

Major William H.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Copy of letter provided by email

Mr. Klein,

I am writing to express my disappointment that CNN has apparently made a decision to exclude Dr. Alan Keyes from the Republican Party of Florida Debate scheduled for Wednesday evening. In the interest of fairness to your viewers, impartiality to the presidential candidates, and the integrity of the electoral process, I respectfully ask you to reverse your decision to exclude Alan Keyes from the Florida GOP debate, because excluding Alan Keyes or any other candidate from the presidential debates would create a grave injustice, not only to the candidates, but to all American citizens and voters. Viewers and customers of CNN have a reasonable expectation that CNN invite all of the candidates to the debate who are listed in the state's presidential primary, because they have an interest in hearing from all--not just some--of the candidates. CNN should not make be making any decision on its own to exclude any candidate from the debate, because this is not a legitimate role for the media in a free society. It should also be obvious that it does not make very good business sense, either, because once people understand that CNN is arbitrarily excluding candidates from the debate, that will not engender CNN's reputation as a competent or trustworthy news organization. The decision to exclude Alan Keyes from the Florida GOP debate does not reflect well on YouTube or the Republican Party, either.

I thank you in advance for your kind consideration.

Kind regards,
Steven C.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Copy of lettter provided by email

Dear Turner / CNN personnel,

In today’s e-mail inbox there is a communication from the Alan Keyes campaign stating that Mr. Keyes is to be excluded from the CNN / YouTube Party of Florida debate. Since Mr. Keyes has already been accepted by Florida to be on their primary ballot I don’t understand or appreciate your actions. I’m sure there are many others who would consider themselves qualified to judge for whom they’d like to vote wondering why you would try to preempt our right to choose for ourselves.

That only serves to lessen your ratings and market share, it would seem to me. The criteria you cite to the Keyes campaign does seem arbitrary to me: it is billed as a Florida event and so the Florida ballot should be the determining factor. Mr. Keyes was required to meet their criteria already in order to be on the ballot.

From what I have seen, the Keyes campaign appears to be the first of a new paradigm of ‘grassroots’ support combining the power of the Internet (not so much in blogs and such) but by power of e-mail, as well as friends ‘selling’ their friends. Your inclusion criteria seems to focus on the metrics of the existing political model and maybe you should, for your own market share good, choose to position yourselves as participants on ‘the cutting edge of change’ rather than as ‘grinchy gatekeepers’.

From the articles I see, all the major news networks could use a little ‘relevance boost’ in the public’s perception right now. Many still remember the “David and Goliath” story, and it doesn’t seem wise for you to encourage a big public battle to begin. Even if you win, you’d lose.

Just for what it’s worth to you,
Thanks if you’ve read this far,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Put Alan Keyes in the upcoming debate! Who made CNN the arbiter of the candidate process? All candidates should be included in this presidential debate.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Copy of letter provided by email


As a citizen who is very curious and eager to explore our choices for leadership in 2008, I am also one who awaits your factual response to the nine points of inquiry submitted by Stephen Stone (below). I already suspect, though, that you will be unable to provide this. It is disappointing to see the actions of influential members of the media appearing to work in direct contradiction to their real responsibility. Mr. Keyes seems to have a unique message and an established legitimacy. Perhaps the people should have a chance to hear him out and decide for themselves. Is it possible that you will reconsider this decision and, at the same time, help to restore some confidence that many of us truly want to have in you...?

Paul B.
Minneapolis MN

- Exactly which published FEC guidelines do you have reference to in support of CNN and YouTube's "objective criteria" for excluding Ambassador Keyes? Please cite the publication and page where specific guidelines for televised debates are clearly made public knowledge by the FEC.

- What is the "minimum national polling requirement" established by CNN and YouTube that Ambassador Keyes fails to meet, and what evidence do you have that Ambassador Keyes fails to meet this requirement? Please supply polls that reliably assess Dr. Keyes' actual support among registered Republican voters. To be reliable, these polls must include Dr. Keyes' name and give respondents the choice of expressing their support for him, alongside other candidates listed.

- What evidence do you have of the actual amount of "individual contributions" raised to date by the Keyes campaign, upon which CNN and YouTube based their decision to exclude Dr. Keyes? Please describe the factual basis for identifying this amount, since we have never publicly released this confidential information, and explain how CNN and YouTube acquired it.

- Based on entirely objective, proven criteria — not subjective, speculative, or theoretical considerations — what is the definition used by CNN and YouTube to define a "viable national campaign." Note that this definition must apply equally to a grassroots campaign of the sort Dr. Keyes has undertaken in the past, as opposed to a media-based, high-cost campaign typically undertaken by candidates whose goal is to shape public opinion. In other words, to be valid, the criteria can neither favor, nor exclude, either traditional approach.

- Besides the criteria cited in your e-mail, what other possible basis might CNN and YouTube have for demonstrably damaging the campaign of a presidential candidate certified by the State of Florida as equal in credibility to the other candidates the state has chosen for its primary ballot? In other words, what possible reason does CNN or YouTube have to prevent Florida voters from making an informed choice among all the Republican candidates hand-selected by the State of Florida for its presidential primary?

- How do CNN and YouTube intend to dispel the obvious appearance that their exclusion of Ambassador Keyes from the debate does in fact amount to an attempt to damage the Keyes campaign? In other words, explain why the behavior of CNN and YouTube is not intentionally self-fulfilling — since it presumes in advance that the Keyes campaign lacks viability, and then proceeds to ensure such lack of viability by excluding Dr. Keyes from the nation's consciousness — even though he is the most eloquent and persuasive Republican candidate in the race, a candidate who in 2000 was widely credited with winning the Republican presidential debates and came in third in the primaries, and whose candidacy, therefore, cannot objectively be considered less than viable.

- Since the lawful role of the media in the electoral process is limited to reporting, influencing, and monitoring that process, by what legitimate means did CNN and YouTube obtain the undemocratic authority to screen from the electoral process a candidate officially chosen by the State of Florida for its presidential primary? In other words, explain to America's voters how CNN and YouTube (and other media or internet giants) have acquired the role of ultimate arbiters in the electoral process. Explain, additionally, how such media control of that process is healthy for America's representative political system.

- Why did CNN wait until there was barely a day left prior to the debate before responding to my inquiry about CNN's intentions regarding the participation of Alan Keyes — and why was CNN and YouTube's basis for excluding him not made known to the Keyes campaign until this late date, eliminating any possibility of including him — if it was in fact the intention of CNN and YouTube to be "objective" and fair toward Ambassador Keyes? Surely, you realize that by utterly ignoring Dr. Keyes until now — and then singling him out for exclusion from the debate despite the fact that the latest Mason-Dixon Florida poll lists him ahead of Duncan Hunter, Ron Paul, and Tom Tancredo — CNN and YouTube have destroyed any claim they might make of objective fairness in this process.

- Finally, what is the position of other Republican presidential candidates toward the candidacy of Dr. Keyes, and have any of these candidates, at any time, expressed to the debate's sponsors a desire to exclude Dr. Keyes from the debate? Bear in mind that this question is fair game in court, as are all the other above questions, and may require the sponsors to testify under oath the truth of their intentions, the basis for those intentions, and their attitudes toward the Keyes campaign and Dr. Keyes himself.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Copy of letter sent by email

Dear Mr. Feist,

I understand that CNN is excluding Mr. Keyes from the CNN/YouTube Debate. I am very disappointed in that decision as I believe Mr. Keyes is a brilliant and sincere man, and a viable candidate for President.

But CNN's decision is not surprising. CNN is a politically left leaning organization which hugely supports the Democrat party. We all know a conservative Black religious man, running on the Republican ticket, undermines the Democrat propaganda machines message. Only Mr. Obama is allowed to be the "Black candidate" this year, right? And, of course, no Black can be conservative, right? Ergo, Mr. Keyes is a non-candidate. This decision is the essence of racism and it undermines CNN's credibility.

This is why so many conservative people, like myself, refer to CNN as "Communist News Network". You are too busy trying to shape the news rather than report the news.


David D.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Copy Sent by email


I was deeply dismayed to hear of the failure to invite Alan Keyes to Wednesdays debate in Florida. I don't see how this could be justified in any way, or manner, when Dr. Keyes is a bonafide candidate on the Florida Republican Presidential Primary ballot. Additionally, Dr. Keyes draws widespread, NATIONAL support from constitutionally minded people like myself, that will be excited to see his re-emergence into the political arena. How is it, at this early stage of the primary season, that the press gets to decide who the participants will be? At many previous debates we had the privilege of hearing and seeing men like Senator Brownback, Jim Gilmore, and Tommy Thompson who have since dropped out of the race, but we heard from them! They had the place at a podium to engage in the dialog to determine who may represent the Republican Party for the highest office in the land. I ask for nothing less (or more) on behalf of Dr. Keyes.

Why is it that the national media continues to wage a "black out" in regards to Dr. Keyes? Is a Conservative African American that difficult to acknowledge as a national figure? Or is it that the national press wants the American public to view the Republican Party as a bunch of rich white guys? As Chris Wallace asked the former National Republican Party Chairman at a FOX News debate earlier this season, I'll paraphrase, 'How does it make you feel to look across this stage and not see a single minority represented?--You guys could all be from the same country club.' Obviously highlighting the contrast with the current slate of Democratic candidates. Is CNN determined to perpetuate this falsehood?! I pray not. Give Keyes a podium tomorrow night.

Chris H.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Copy sent by email

Mr. Cooper,

I understand Dr. Keyes will not be in attendance at tonight's debate.

I do not understand why. When I contacted the Keyes Campaign I was told this was a CNN decision. How can this be? How can CNN arbitrarily make this decision to exclude Dr. Keyes?

Dave W.
South Carolina

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Copy of letter sent by email - attachment mentioned not provided


Something is going on in the media that I believe should be exposed.

We are America, and we are told at every turn that there is no discrimination against anyone on basically any grounds.

However, there is something rotten in this election process, for one candidate is repeatedly singled out to NOT be invited to debates ... I find that totally unconscionable , unethical and UN-American!

I believe the media should provide access to information about every candidate that is running, regardless of their "place in the race".

As it is: Their place in the race is determined before we people even have the chance to have any input.

These are not the machinations of a free country, a country that claims to hold free elections!

Personally, I would like to see explained (OUT IN THE OPEN) WHY exactly this man is being shunned - even though I have my suppositions as to why: Honest people are not wanted in a dishonest environment

I have learned that there is a difference between politicians, and statesmen.

This man is a statesman. And the powers that be keep him from the people, because his message would resonate with many, many Americans.

I my talks and chats with people they often express their dismay at the option we have this coming elections - and when I suggest to them to go check out Alan Keyes, they ask "Who is Alan KEYES?"

They have never even heard of him!

Here is a viable candidate and people have not heard of him???

Even the fact that he filed was not announced in the media - it's a total black out.

I am writing to you in the hopes you may address this; not as any kind of form of endorsement,

But to expose voters to a candidate who may be representing their values - people have the right to know, don't you agree?

And to expose those who refuse to give him voice.

I am sending the article below, for it says it better than I could.

You are probably getting a lot of stuff to read, and so I plead to please do not toss this until AFTER you have read it.

I do thank you for your time.

Sincerely, Martina W.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Copy provided by email

Mr. Klein and Associates,

Good old communist AmeriKa at work here, huh? Since when did you get the right to preclude the citizens of this nation from having the chance to evaluate all political options? Forget the injustice done to Mr. Keyes, personally and constitutionally for a moment.

You are taking Freedom of Speech, and trampling it into the ground singlehandedly. I am fully aware that I am no one to you, and that my opinion will be laughable to you, simply because your actions speak for do so many of you in the press today. Fair and balanced, free, factual and informative....not any more. And believe or not, America actually gets this, like it or not. We just haven't enough of us stood up to you yet.

However, FWIW, I am a county official in my county. I serve as a Precinct Committee Officer in Snohomish WA, in the 44th District. Realizing that won't buy you a cup of coffee anywhere in Washington State, much less elsewhere, I DO respect our Constitution....AND YOU DO NOT.

At this time, I am not polling for Mr. Keyes at all, in fact my support is behind another candidate. You probably would even think we were on the same side of the fence, if we weren't having this conversation. Please let me inform you that we are not even in the same neighborhood. You are using YOUR ELICIT POWER AND AUTHORITY to have an impact on an election in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!! YOU DO NOT HAVE THAT AUTHORITY. However, without Mr. Keyes input, how can I or anyone else really know who to poll for? The only answer to this question is simple. Remove your ego and/or political influence or both from American politics, and stop believing that WE THE PEOPLE aren't wise enough to make good choices. Oh my, we may have stumbled on what you are really afraid the power back to the people. What a novel idea....where did that come from?

Merry Christmas,

Ross G.
Snohomish, WA

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Received via email

Clinton News Network (CNN) is showing their TRUE colors by excluding Alan Keyes from the debate...I thought CNN supported black candidates. How prejudiced! I don't understand why you are not inviting ALan Keyes into the debate? Is it because the news media has trouble dealing with the truth?


Rose R.
South Charleston, WV

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Received via email

Hello all,

I want to see Amb Keyes up there with all the other Republican Primary candiates, on the CNN broadcast.


Kind regards,
Joe Q.
Registered Republican,
Forest Hills, New York City

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Received copy by email

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am disgusted by CNN's decision to deny Dr. Alan Keyes, as one of the registered Republican candidates that will be on the Florida ballot in February, the right to be included in tomorrow night's YouTube debate. I encourage you all to do what you can to impact a reversal on this decision. CNN is playing "gate-keeper" to the political process, and that is not a legitimate role of the media, no matter how much influence you seek to exert in the political arena.

It is becoming clear why many of my colleagues refer to CNN with a negative meaning for the station acronym. I see you have no inclination to a fair an open exchange of information for ALL candidates, as our public broadcasting stations do, and will have to seek other news outlets and keep my patronage separate from Turner companies for the foreseeable future.

Please don't bother to reply with any template excuses. CNN's actions will speak for themselves on this matter.

- Politically active and aware citizen

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Copy received by email

Dear Sir,

I believe an indefensible injustice is about to occur. Your decision to exclude Dr. Keyes is obviously arbitrary, unfair, and presumptuous — overriding, in essence, the prerogative of the State of Florida to decide which presidential contenders voters have a right to learn about. You executives at CNN are playing "gate-keeper," and that is not a legitimate role of the media, no matter how much influence you seek to exert in the political arena!

I encourage you to reverse your decision to exclude Ambassador Alan Keyes and avoid a backlash of massive controversy that would demolish any possibility of honest credibility you may hope to ever regain. A man of principle that Ronald Reagan himself appointed should not be excluded on the basis of your blatant political agenda. That you have a department of News Standards and Practices would compel you to reverse this heinous action!

David F.
Chicago, IL

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Copy provided by email

Ambassador Keyes should be allowed to participate in the Republican debate scheduled for Wed. Eve, Nov. 28, 2007. As a WWII Veteran who served in the Pacific during the war, I believe my service was worth something. I also believe that my two brothers service meant something along with two of my best friends who gave their lives for our country. Ambassador Keyes is well qualified to be allowed to debate the critical issues facing our nation today. Please don’t block his opportunity to participate.

Marvin C.
Pine River, MN

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Copy Provided by email

Mr. Stephen Stone;

How is it you use the word arbitrary about CNN's refusal to include Mr. Keyes in the debate? I find his exclusion anything but arbitrary. Why would CNN want to let Blacks and other minorities know that there's a conservative Black who's unwilling to be kept on the plantation, the liberal Democratic Party?

As a matter of fact, why would the neoconservative controlled Republican Party want a Black or a woman to represent it? Whether or not you liked his political stands, Secretary Powell was effectively eliminated from consideration by their shameful use, or should I say abuse, of him at the UN to justify this war.

Sadly, I must admit that I believe that both the House and the Senate will remain in Democratic hands under the gentle tutelage of Queen, oops, President Hillary. If only the Republican party had took to heart its 1994 Contract With American rather than instituting a contract on America it might still control the House or Senate, if not both, despite a mismanaged war.

Bob B.
Omaha, NE

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Copy via email

How dare you decide who will be heard and seen by the voters? Don't you think they should be given the opportunity to decide for themselves? Or are you too afraid of what the outcome might be if Alan Keyes is given a spot in the debates tomorrow? He'd wipe out the "competition" with one hand tied behind his back!

Anne H.
San Diego, CA

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a nagging suspicion that the real reason big media debates among Republican presidential candidates exclude Dr. Alan Keyes because he is African-American, and that this is done so that the GOP will be seen as not including African-Americans, leaving in the minds of voters the impression that only the Democratic Party has an African-American candidate. If so, this would be racial politics, which in other circumstances would be roundly denounced on CNN and other big media.

I am white, but I vote for African-American (e.g. black or colored) candidates if I feel that they are better qualified, including Keyes and Blackwell.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Guess Pakistan is not the only country in a State of Emergency.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is a race issue. CNN should not exclude any candidate who is on the primary ticket in Florida. Is "Back-of-the-Bus-Seating" still available in Florida?


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