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One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors. -- Plato (429-347 BC)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Conservatives on Mitt Romney at 2nd Reagan Library Debate

  • Jim Geraghty, National Review's The Campaign Spot: When Romney takes his shots at McCain, it's both strong and fair - he acknowledges that McCain has some areas in which he's a conservative, but he takes several fair shots - McCain Feingold; voting against the Bush tax cuts twice . . . I like that Romney says that the original version of the McCain-Kennedy immigration legislation wasn't so bad, and that it got worse as it moved through the process. It shows familiarity with the legislative details. . . . 'Let me help you with the facts, Senator.' Wow. Romney nails him for pointing out the study McCain is referring to in his answer about job creation and loss includes his predecessor, Jane Swift, who lost many jobs on her watch. . . . Where the heck has this Romney been? He just calmly and clearly took McCain to school.

  • John Tabin, The American Spectator: Romney corrects some of McCain's facts – McCain confused Romney's lieutenant governor with his predecessor, among other things. I think Romney won this exchange.

  • Bill Schneider, CNN's Political Ticker: Romney's response scores big points with conservatives – and with a lot of Americans who aren't conservative. . . . Romney is winning this big-time — McCain's wrong. We already have timetables for everything in Iraq, whether we stick to them or adjust them later on. . . . A couple of Romney's answers were quite good, particularly on the Iraq timetables issue. . . . Romney's giving a pretty interesting conservative explanation of a health care plan that otherwise makes conservatives nervous. As he explains, it forces people to pay their own way — which they get. . . . Romney's giving a full-throated rebuttal to McCain's charge that he proposed a timetable on Iraq withdrawal – and he's right.

  • Mark Hemmingway, National Review's The Corner: Not that I needed anyone to tell me the McCain-Lieberman cap-and-trade program is a bad idea, but Romney's dissection of it was clear and compelling. . . . I think I can say that Romney was the clear winner in the debate. . . . showed an admirable fighting spirit. . . . Romney kept his head about him and remained gracious even as a number of his charges against McCain stuck.

  • Ed Morrissey, Heading Right: Romney dominating near the close -this debate is owned by Mitt. . . . Romney's Playing Ball Control. He's answering in depth, and by doing so he gets more air time. He's using the format to his advantage. . . . Romney is getting the best of this exchange … Romney does a good job of keeping the tone even and factual while scolding McCain for getting the data incorrect. Ed Morrissey, Captain's Quarters' Blog: Mitt Romney won this debate. He looked crisp, sharp, had facts at his command, and exuded confidence.

  • John Podhoretz, Commentary Magazine: Mitt Romney is doing a great job. Very commanding. He's far more substantive than McCain.

  • Bull Dog Pundit, Ankle Biting Pundits: · We're 45 minutes in and I'm not going to go point by point, but I have to say that Romney is hitting the notes he needs to. . . . Purely on substance Romney hit it exactly right when he started talking about the need for entitlement reform. When he said we have to 'change the deal' on Social Security and Medicaid for people in their 40's I almost stood up and cheered. He also did a great job of pointing out John McCain's conservative apostasies.

  • Douglas Gibbs, Heading Right: Romney's expertise . . . and knowledge of economics and facts is outshining his opponents.

  • Faust Wertz, Heading Right: Romney's answers are great . . . Clear, to the point but explaining what needs to be explained, and he looks comfortable.

  • Fox News' Frank Luntz: LUNTZ: "First off, who won the debate tonight? I always begin that way." VOTER: "Romney." LUNTZ: "Who says John McCain won the debate tonight raise your hands, 3, only 4 of you. Who says Mitt Romney, about half of you."

  • Kathryn Jean Lopez, National Review's The Corner Blog: He hit back and defending his honor and truth on Iraq. I don't think most Americans get "timetables was a buzzword." I think they get that neither of these guys are Harry Reid. The sum of it is oddly, unnecessarily, McCain came off badly during an Iraq round. . . . I think Romney came off effective and competent.

  • The Atlantic's Marc Ambinder: Applause from audience when Romney says Reagan would have found the dirty tricks reprehensible. . . . Romney gives a strong answer that weaves together his experience with his resume . . . notes that Abe Lincoln wasn't a military leader.

  • Instapundit's Glenn Reynolds: Good Point by Romney about how McCain shouldn't 'demean' people who start businesses. McCain has been doing that a lot, acting as if meeting a payroll is somehow less honorable than working for the government.

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    Posted by Bill Smith at 9:37 PM - Post Link


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Ohh, give us a break here!

    These RINO's aren't worth one president if we used all three to do it and you guys know it.

    Romney just happens to be the only controllable ***** of the three and the Fredheads have agreed we can't let the Huckster or Juan McCain into our White House but, that sure as **** doesn't mean we support the ****. ( AND we'll hold Willard to his current lies of being a conservative for four long years. )


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