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One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors. -- Plato (429-347 BC)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Liberal News Media & Obama Supporters Promoting Racism

Bill Smith, ARRA Editor: Why are the liberal media and Obama supporters promoting racism? If I said whites are voting only white, I would be using race to influence the election and could well be called a racist. The liberal news media and supporters of Obama’s campaign have repeatedly reported that black Americans will be voting for Barack Obama. They continue to say this because Barack Obama is black. This is classic racism!

In the United States, we have a problem of labeling of our fellow citizens. The government has aggravated this problem by creating reporting classifications. It is understandable that a person may seek out their genetic cultural ancestry / heritage. Barack Obama may have more right under our present classification system to call himself African American since his father was actually from Africa. But if born in the Unites States, what does this have to do with running for office? Calling someone African American is somewhat confusing in that a native born American descendant of someone from Morocco or South Africa could rightly be called African American even if white or black.

Years ago while stationed in Belgium, I attended an international church which had members from 22 countries (nations), 11 of which were African countries. One of my American military co-workers was a fellow member in the church. He said that several church members from the African countries had told him to stop calling himself an African American. They told him that he was not African and should feel blessed to be an American. What an eye opener and an opportunity for us to discuss at length the complex labeling system that we have in the United States. What was even more interesting is that these African brothers said if we were going to hyphenate our heritage, we should call ourselves US-Americans. None of the members from African countries called themselves African. Yes, they obviously knew that their countries were on the continent of Africa. Each of them identified themselves with their specific country and often with their local tribal or people group. Regardless of our countries of origin, we found a solid foundation upon which to build friendships and relationships.

Back to the subject of the biased liberal news media which appears to constantly promote racial bias for or against a candidate. Obviously, the media could “not” get away with saying all Iowans are voting for a specific candidate. However, they have no problem stating that almost all blacks are voting for Barack Obama. What they really are presumptuously saying is that blacks will be voting for Obama because he is black! Hogwash!

Some of the most ardent conservatives I know are black. I can assure you they will not be voting or supporting Barack Obama. Does the media believe that Thomas Sowell, Dr. Walter E. Williams, Ken Blackwell, Erik Rush, Larry Elder, Dr. Condoleezza Rice, Michael Steele, Gen. Colin Powell, Star Parker, Alveda King, Michael L. Williams, Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain, Alan Keyes, the black members of conservative think-tanks and conservative political groups, the elected black Republicans, and a multitude of black evangelical pastors and all the people they reach and influence regardless of skin pigmentation will be voting for Obama? To the liberal media, only their biases matter and they believe blacks should vote for a black. It makes me wonder where the liberal media acquired its Southern plantation mentality. By their actions and statements, the liberal elites appear to be people that would be fine measuring the shapes of people’s heads and claiming that only their criteria results in an acceptable outcome. I believe the world has seen this failed approach before.

The biased liberal media hopes that the voting public doesn’t notice that it should be character, past performance, beliefs and ideals that should be considered. The liberal media uses its position to "bully" people to vote the way that they the liberals wishes for them to vote. The liberal media is not reporting but is actively endorsing and promoting a candidate for the president of the Unites States. Why? Good Question! The programs of socialism being pushed include the redistribution of wealth, limiting free speech, controlling banking, business, employment, housing, medical, retirement, etc. All of these lead to a socialist “womb to tomb” control with no one having the individual right to be oneself and to control one’s own destiny. We all become enslaved to those controlling the socialist structure. Man’s free choice dies and with it the real hope of mankind.

Below are interesting posts written by fellow conservatives and recommended by a fellow conservative Frances Rice, Chair, National Black Republican Association:
Lewis, A Lazy Media, And Their Race Cards by Bob Parks
WSJ - Whitewash - The racist history the Democratic Party wants you to forget by Bruce Bartlett
WSJ - The Democrats' Missing History By Jeffery Lord
Democrats refuse to apologize to blacks By Frances Rice
Will Republicans Wimp Out On Race? By Clarence V. McKee

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Blogger Chuck said...

The MSM's support of Obama is two fold I think. First there is the obvious liberal biaas and they will support him because he is a liberal. Also though, I think it's because of the deep seated hatred for George Bush. You want to really annoy the media, elect McCain, I think they will view this as support of Bush policies and it will kill them. Good read.

Anonymous Kathy Nimmons said...

Oh, get over it already!!!! They've been free for years! However, by not forgiving the sin, they actually give other people power over them? True forgiveness let's it go, and moves on. They don't keep returning to the past. God says, not to look back! Besides, their own people sold them to slavery, not us! We have forgotten, at least we try to forget, but they keep reminding us.

Anonymous Kevin Jackson said...

Obama straddles the racism fence better than any viable politician in history. If you get the chance, read my blog on the fact that Obama is a Black racist, must like David Duke, former KKK Louisiana senator.


Anonymous Heather Kennedy said...

It's almost as ridiculous as the claims that were made by the DNC during the last election that electronic voting machines posed an unfair voting experience because minorities found them to be confusing. If I were a minority who used ATM machines and countless other forms of electronic automation every day, I would certainly be offended by such an assertation, but the DNC and the media got away with it. Just like they will continue to get away with the type of behavior addressed in your post.

Anonymous Jim Eiden said...

Fredrick Douglas was a Republican. There is a Fredrick Douglas society out of Florida which is an association of Black Republicans.

These people are fighting the good fight and need all the help they can get.

Anonymous Marvin Lesman said...

The MSM is biased. All the apologies notwithstading one needs only to actually read or watch the MSM. MSNBC for instance has become a joke....the "reporting" is slanted and their commentators (e.g. Obermann) are way over the top. They are blatent. The NY Times has become a cheer leader for the left wing of the democrat party... their investigative reporting is either slanted or made up and they devote gallons of print ink on negative pieces concerning McCain. Where is their in depth investigative reporting on Obama's associations and what those might mean in his presidency...

These are but two examples.... there are many more.

Anonymous Frederick Shelton said...

I think MSNBC is definitely favorable to Democrats. Just as FOX holds appeal for Republicans. We did a count over a week once. On CNN, the number of Republicans that were commentators: 17. Number of Democrats: 16. Number of minutes Republicans talked: 45. Number of minutes Democrats talked: 39. I've watch Lou Dobbs blast Obama repeatedly. But he does the same with McCain. Dobbs just basically loves to blast the crap out of everybody! I think that CNN is less biased than most but here's something that can't be helped: It's obvious that many of their anchors personally like Obama better. So that's going to come through. Personally, in addition to The WSJ or Economist, I read The Australian, French International Herald Tribune etc... Where this makes a huge differences is on things like the two wars going on in Iraq: The one Americans the know about and the one the rest of the world knows about.

Anonymous Douglas Cooper said...

Astute politicos preying on PC fears. I think it was Charles Krautheimer on Fox that made the observation that the Dems have been saying McCain's campaign has been "playing the race card" in adds about Rev Wright [African American] and William Ayres [White American] and various women supporting Democratic candidates. It's all too contrived and reechy on the part of the Dems. Look for a shoot out tonight!

Anonymous demillicent said...

Republicans supporters Chants of "Kill him" is frightening

Not all blacks are voting for Obama. The media is assuming that because Obama is black that he will garner all of the black vote. Nothing can be farther from the truth. All of my adult life, I've voted for a white man for president. Does that actually mean anything? I don't think so. I didn't vote for Jesse Jackson when he made his failed attempt to win the nomination. I don't think people thought of this sort of thing until Obama announced his run for the white house.

If Obama is to win, he will need considerable more than just the black vote. He must have crossover appeal. Most voters seem to be voting, or not voting according to the race of the individual. If a white doesn't vote for Obama because he thinks he's not qualified: that doesn't make him/her a racist. But when a person gives the only reason is that he is black, or Arab. That seems somewhat racist. Some have said that. But that's to be expected.

I hear so many people making claims that Obama is muslim without providing any evidence. Americans have learned that all they have to do use use scare tactics and we all shy away from an individual. I'm surprised that whites seem to be so up in arms regarding racism. America is know as the most rabidly racist country in the world next to the former South African government. That's nothing to be ashamed of. It was telecast around the world when this country sent attack dogs after people to prevent them from voting in the 60's. They also rolled pregnant women down the street with high pressure hoses causing some of the pregnant women to lose thier babies. Very little has changed since that time. Outwardly there seems to be change; but it's not real change but more of an illusion of change. America's cpre values are basically still the same. We should not get defensive when people call us a racist country. We have shown our racism over and over. Even now in the John McCain rallies there are calls for the killing of Obama. That's chilling. However, it couldn't have anything to do with his race.

Anonymous demillicent said...

I should have used spell check before posting.

CORRECTION: America's core values are basically still the same. We should not get defensive when people call us a racist country. We have shown our racism over and over. Even now in the John McCain rallies there are calls for the killing of Obama. That's chilling. However, it couldn't have anything to do with his race.

Anonymous NCDude said...

Demillicent - here's a good summary

It's called reading comprehension.

Something lacking in the O-blogO-nuttO-sphere-O.

So basically, a statement yelled out about Ayers is somehow construed to be about lynching Obama? Oh please...

Anyway, I don't condone either the intended or the mistaken interpretations. Along with that, both the left and the right have crazies, it just seems the right's get more attention.

Blogger Chuck said...

Couple of things.

Frederick S. I watch CNN at work on lunch, we don't get Fox there. My lunch time is highly variable so I catch different shows. Yes CNN does have Republicans on the shows, but they are most often moderate Republicans that agree with the viewpoint of the show. As an example, they will have someone like Chuck Hagel on to talk about the Iraq war, because he is critical of it. They do not have opposing viewpoints like Fox. Nice try though.

Demillicent, you mentioned, twice, the allegation that someone yelled "kill him" about Obama at a McCain rally (singular not plural). Just to set the record straight for you. The allegation was made by one reporter only. The Secret Service investigated, interviewing several other reporters, Secret Service agents, and people in the crowd. They were unable to come up with a single other person to corroborate the account. Keep in mind, they interviewed liberal journalists, these people will not lie for McCain. So not only is this allegation untrue, but considering the fact that it is untrue, one could make the case that the allegation in itself is racist.


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