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One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors. -- Plato (429-347 BC)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

No Disrespect Meant - But Think About It

Bill Smith, ARRA Editor: I received these first words from a reader and wondered how I could use them. Well this weekend's news provided the opportunity.
"Something to think about. Just a few points to ponder. Anyone who's gone through the Security Clearance procedures in the Military" (even Gen. Colin Powell), FBI, CIA, Secret Service or other agency requiring securing, processing and handing of classified information and documents "can verify that this is a valid point to ponder: If Barack Obama would apply for a job with the FBI or with the Secret Service, he would be disqualified because of his past association with William Ayers, a known terrorist. If he is elected President he would not qualify to be his own body guard!"
Kind of makes you wonder where General / Former Sec. of State Colin Powell's head was at when he endorsed Obama. Powell didn't resign his commission and therefore he is still responsible to his oath of office. Upon what valid basis did he support a person for Commander-in-Chief who may well have been disqualified for military service, etc. A man who used hard drugs which would not be waived for a commission as an officer. A man who has been associated in his past and present life with a former anarchist, shady Chicago back room deals, a black supremacist pastor, a communist mentor, and close family (blood) relatives and foreign leaders in an African country with ties to radicals and terrorists. It is beyond reasonable belief that one of our former popular Generals who served as a Republican leader and was sought by his party to consider running for president would now endorse Obama.

Obama's stated beliefs and principles are so diametrically different from those previously espoused by Powell. Also, Obama's actions and associations would not have been "becoming for a junior officer" under Powell's command. As a retired officer, I am still reeling from the above thoughts. Surely race could not have been a factor in Powell's decision. And yet, Powell related in his public endorsement that 'the prospect of Obama becoming the first African American president would 'electrify the world.'" More disturbing is the fact that Powell "expressed disappointment" of McCain's selection of a woman - Gov. Sarah Palin - to be his vice presidential running mate. In 2000, Powell campaigned for John McCain for President and may very well feel betrayed for not being selected for the VP nomination. One wonders at this late endorsement about Powell's feelings on a woman being selected over either Powell or another a person Powell would have approved of as VP. Powell calls Biden a good choice, when Biden and Powell were seldom on the same page on core issues or values.

Powell became a 4-star General, Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff, national Security advisor and Secretary of State under Republican Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and George W, Bush. Now this singular decision made by Powell to publicly influence voters for Obama over McCain, a fellow military man who "really served" his country, is almost too much to take-in. And the alleged reason for Powell's endorsement - McCain selected a woman for VP and Obama as a black president may electrify the world. Powell's decision left many feeling like the people must have felt when their "Knight" lost their "shining armour."

Yes, Powell has the right to vote and support whoever he wishes but now he joins the ranks of people like Wesley Clark, as empty suits seeking another moment of fame. My suggestion to all is "THINK, Before YOU VOTE!" The choice: Obama the young smooth talking inexperienced socialist who is also an anti-traditional family values advocate or McCain the older but scarred proven warrior who is the straight talking man who is a maverick by speaking the truth even within his own party. A maverick who chose a person - yes a woman - outside of Washington politics to help him stand firm for the American people against the onslaught of a Democrat controlled Senate and House led by an inept Harry Reid and the "beyond the pale" Nancy Pelosi. Again, "THINK -- THINK, Before YOU VOTE!"

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. Obama couldn't qualify to be a presidential bodyguard because of his relationship with William Ayers. That is powerful.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like it. Maybe I am just old fashioned, but I like to think of the POTUS as the most honorable position one could hold. I cannot deal with Obama not telling the truth about his past all the way from birth and on. he is a big cloak and dagger show. We need to know who he is and nobody does.

Blogger Sheridan Folger said...

GREAT POST and I could not possibly agree more you have stated what I believe many of us felt and thought regarding this situation

Anonymous Anonymous said...

No offense taken, sir. I find your points enlightening and affirming, putting words to suspicions I have had but couldn't confirm.

Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

No one who calls himself a Conservative in any manner could in good conscience endorse Obama.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

MLK was a Republican. This happens to be true.

It's also true that more Republicans than Democrats voted for the 1964 civil rights bill, and of course it was Republicans in the 1920s through the 1950s fighting for civil rights in Congress and southern Democrats fighting against it, and of course Republican chief justice Earl Warren who ruled to end segregation and Republican President Eisenhower who enforced it when he sent national guard into Arkansas.

So MLK may have had his reasons.

And MLK didnt even know JFK and RFK was wiretapping him.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Colin Powell loses any credibility with me as being a Republican when he says:

I would have difficulty with two more conservative appointments to the Supreme Court, but that's what we'd be looking at in a McCain administration.

The Supreme Court is the ultimate issue that unites all Republicans against Obama - how could a true Republican be against more Republican appointments?! History shows that Republican appointments have a 50/50 chance of actually being strict constructionists, but Democrat appts are guaranteed to be Constitution-trashing liberals.

Also, we nominated a moderate like McCain, against the wishes of the conservative base, for people like Colin Powell and this is how he repays us? I think the reason many people are blaming this endorsement on race is that they can't believe that Powell is so stupid as to believe the demonstrably false unity and bipartisanship Obama is trying to pretend he fosters. How could such an intelligent man be so blind and willfully ignorant? It boggles the mind. Unless he was never Republican to begin with.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Powell's position on SCOTUS appointments was the tipping point for my determination that he is a formerly great leader with whom I completely disagree. He lost all credibility with me when he expressed "concern" about seeing more appointments of conservative-nominated Supreme Court justices. In my experience, conservative appointments have absolutely nothing to do with overturning Roe v. Wade, although that's how I interpreted Colin Powell's expression of "concern". John McCain made it very clear that his conservative requirement for a Supreme Court justice is simply one who does not legislate from the bench, period.

I'm always intrigued by so-called libertarians who are so fiercely pro-choice that they would support a liberal Supreme Court judge who will arbitrarily and unconstitutionally legislate from the bench simply to avoid any possibility whatsoever that the Roe v. Wade "right to privacy law" will be overturned. I'm captivated that the same very same people who give lip service to upholding the constitutional rights of those without an umbilical chord are completely without conscience when it comes to withholding all rights, including the right to life, of those who are still dependent upon one. Perhaps the strangest manifestation of a double standard in the interpretation of the rights of the unborn can be seen in states where a murder of a pregnant woman is charged, tried and sentenced as a double-murder (i.e. the Scott Peterson murder of pregnant Lacey Peterson in California). My personal interpretation of "pro-choice" is to let the mother choose to put the child up for adoption, keep the child herself, ask family members to help raise it, or leave it on a hospital doorstep instead of a dumpster. Nevertheless, I'm not personally lobbying to overturn Roe v. Wade and doubt we will see that in our lifetime, regardless of who is appointed to SCOTUS.

Powell seemed almost on the verge of tears at one point during the interview, and I was impressed with the way that Brokaw really held his feet to the fire yesterday. The most exciting news of the day to me was that Tom Brokaw is still an actual journalist. For everyone on the Nu-Left who hates Bush and Cheney with an absolutel unbridled passion, watching Brokaw replay Powell's impassioned endorsement of both Darth Vader Cheney and Great Satan Bush from the 2000 Convention seemed to send the clear message that Colin Powell's judgment could be very, very questionable at best and downright incompetent at worst - especially since he was also referred to as the "closer" for the votes needed to support our commitment to the Iraq War. What an LoL it would be if all the Nu-Left Obama supporters were to wake up today with a Powell endorsement hangover and ask themselves..."WTF!?".

My favorite aspect of Brokaw's interview was the point he made about how helpful it might be for Mr. Ayers to renouce his own past to counteract his toxic "I wish we had bombed more" unrepentancy post-9/11. The fact that Powell is so unconcerned about Ayers even though he came of age and served in Vietnam in the decade of 60's radicalism during which the SDS and the Weather Underground brought American Communism to an utterly murderous height that helped defeat us in Vietnam and usher in the capture, torture, reeducation and deaths of almost a million Vietnamese as a result is simply confounding. When Powell lauds Obama's "intellectual curiosity" yet displays none of his own and merely parrots the Socialist Democratic party line that the Ayers/Obama relationship was minimally casual in spite of Dr. Kurtz' revelations to the absolute contrary, he comes off as intellectually weak, out of touch, incurious and in denial.

I thought it was interesting that he admitted having gotten to know Obama very, very well "over the past two years". Obviously his announcement is not "news" to anyone in Washington. Quisling seems like an inappropriate term for Powell, as I doubt that his endorsement is going to sway more than a few undecideds. More likely it will simply convince the already-convinced even more that their vote for Obama is justified.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Colin Powell needs the Media to reform his legacy of being proven wrong at every turn for the last 18 years. He advised not to go into Baghdad and finish the job in the first Iraq War, which would have obviated the rest of history since. He enabled Clinton’s fecklessness regarding terrorism. He spearheaded (reluctantly) the liberation of Iraq - which he didn’t believe in - then stabbed Pres. Bush in the back at every turn as his Sec. of State. Now, he is completing the circle of incompetent advice to the country by paying his pennance to Lord Obama and the Media by again stabbing in the back the one man who was right during the whole War.

After hearing and reading Powell’s non-sensical endorsement, I honestly doubt that this is anything more than another Black guy endorsing Barack to stick it to Whitey so that he looks good in the history books.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good and accurate summary !!!! Vote McCain-Palin, do not risk our security, national security and defense and economy.

Blogger Brad Marston said...

Powell endorsing Obama?

It is a "Black Thing". You wouldn't understand.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel McCain will need to show who is going to be around him. this would be a good time to express that. Obama is doing that. McCain needs to show he can think great on topics. Show the people in different areas as enomics, health, etc.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a terrific post . . . thoughtful and reasoned . . . a rarity today in an election drowning in anger and arrogance.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good stuff Dr. B
Any of us military folk already knew this and unfortunately the vast majority of the left wouldn't know a Marine from a Soldier so it doesn't register in their little minds...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a great amount of respect for Powell. He likely felt immense pressure to come forward to do this. If he were 'in the tank' for Obama all this time, it would not have taken him this long to speak up - he is no shrinking violet. If it is his personal choice then I will respect his reasons, but something about the timing and hoopla speak louder than his silence up until now. Just my intuition, which could be off - maybe he is caught up in 'the historic moment...' which is great and I can understand wanting someone you look like/relate to running the show. But, alas it is more than a show. We need an accomplished and experienced leader. Obama is falling short in those areas in my book. Not that I want the job of moving target with benefits....

Whoever gets to be POTUS has their work cut out for them.

Now, my questions are - what is going on with Biden and his bizarre forecast?

Joe the plumber for congress!!! Like the Young Republicans said, 'he will get the crap out of Washington' or something to that effect.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is awesome. I think Colin just wanted to piss off everyone.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gen. Powell is a decorated soldier with fmr west wing access and experience. Don't you think he would have vetted Obama before endorsing him?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember thinking this - he would never pass a background check.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

No disrespect meant, come on the guy has enough questionable ties to make a bamboo raft. How can you respect someone who promotes Sharia shit Law in Kenya, or wants to share your wealth not his, or agrees with Wright, Ayers. Come on, if he can't pass muster then kick his ass out. He disrespects us playing his anti-American pro-socialist games. Have some balls and call a club a club!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh yea. This occurred to me a while back. If you've been through the process and didn't think of this, you weren't really checked out IMHO. - Been there. Done that.


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