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One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors. -- Plato (429-347 BC)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Who Should Confront the Iranian Time Bomb - Obama or McCain

Dr. Bill SmithBill Smith, ARRA Editor: With the presidential election upon us, many people are also focused on the economy. However, we know from history that we will be able to correct our economic problem even if it takes longer than our American tendency to want instant solutions for everything. However, because of the economic crisis, many voters are ignoring the most significant issue that our next president is directly responsible to address. That issue is the very real global threat to America's very survival. Since confronting this threat every day is not part of our personal daily routine and responsibilities (until it is too late), we tend to be myopic and look at the "me things."

If inexperienced or burdened down with domestic and economic cares, voters may not comprehend or may even forget the bigger picture -- surviving the very "real" foreign enemies that literally hate our culture, democracy, traditions, freedoms, religions, materialism, and way of living. In fact, they hate us (i.e., you). In our daily bickering over small things, we tend to ignore the big dangers because we can we do nothing about them individually.

To put "just one" of the threats into perspective, consider an article in the October issue of Imprimis published by Hillsdale College that addresses Iran. The article was adapted from a speech by Michael Ledeen. Michael Ledeen is the Freedom Scholar at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and a contributing editor at National Review Online. Previously, he served in the White House as a national security advisor and in the Departments of Defense and State. He is author of more than 20 books, including The Iranian Time Bomb. His articles have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the American Spectator, International Economy, Commentary, and the Washington Times.

The article is too long to quote here so I encourage you to visit and the read the article online. However, below are Lendeen's closing words which highlight just one of the many countries whose government leaders hate America and who wish our demise as the principle leader of the 'free world":
"The bottom line is that Iran is our principal enemy in the Middle East, and perhaps in the entire world. It is also a terribly vulnerable regime, and it knows that—which is why it makes up stories about airplanes and missiles that it doesn’t have. As for the question of nuclear weapons, it seems hard to imagine that Iran does not already have them. Iranians are not stupid, and they have been at this for a minimum of 20 years in a world where almost every major component needed for a nuclear weapon—not to mention old nuclear weapons—are for sale. A lot of these components are for sale nearby in Pakistan. And if the Iranians do have a weapon, it is impossible to imagine that, at a moment of crisis, they will not use it. The point is, we have an implacable enemy which has no intention of negotiating a settlement with us. They want us dead or dominated, just as our enemies did in the 1930s and ’40s. You can’t make deals with a regime like that.

Our choices with regard to Iran are to challenge them directly and win this war now, to do so only after they kill a lot more of us in some kind of attack, or to surrender. There is no painless way out, and the longer we wait, the greater the pain is going to be."
So, who is best to challenge Iran and other enemies of our Nation - Obama or McCain? The most critical and therefore, important issue is not "change" but survival -- how will America continue to physically exist as a country and a democracy with guaranteed individual freedoms and rights. Who will be the best president to protect us from our foreign enemies (even while we continue our internal domestic bickering over almost everything)?

Do we pick Obama - a younger inexperienced (i.e., non-experienced) smooth talking candidate who is an anti-traditional family values advocate and unfortunately already has a past full of bad choices and savory associations? Following the mantra of "Change" is not the answer because the issue is then "change from what and to what" and importantly, the consequences of the "change." Change can mean a lot of things. We have recently experienced a lot of negative economic change which can be directly associated with Obama's associates in and out of Congress. And how can a person who voted "present" verses "yes or no" on a majority of his votes in the Illinois and US Senates be prepared to address the most important issues of our time? Voting present is not good enough when dealing with threats to America. Obama promises talk and compromise and appears willing to concede ground to our enemies (i.e., using an appeasement approach).

Or, do we pick McCain -- an older but scarred and proven warrior who is the straight talking man who is called a maverick for taking consistent stands and speaking the truth even within his own party? An experienced candidate who understands the threats to our country from outside our borders. A man who served his country in war and understands the pain and suffering. A man who while addressing the enemy understands compassion and forgiveness towards those who even tortured him. McCain is willing and able to clearly detail to our enemies (those who wish us harm and / or even destroy us) the limits of our tolerance and a clear understanding of the consequences for pursuing further aggressive acts, actions that threaten America.

The American people have voiced poll after poll their continued negative opinion of the present Congress lead by Democrats and have given the Democrat leadership the lowest ratings in history. It is from this pool of Democrats that a junior inexperienced member has come forth to be their candidate for president. Not a person who stood on principles against his own failing political party leadership but instead pandered for items he wished and voted absent or present on the other issues. If Obama were to become president, he will be again supporting these same failing "tax and spend" liberal leaders: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. And then who will save us from our enemies?

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Posted by Bill Smith at 11:30 AM - Post Link


Anonymous Ernesto said...

Please consider posting this video and passing it along, it’s amazing. It’s great at showing the distinction between MaCain and Obama in regards to the abortion issue. Please pass this along to everyone you know. We have to get McCain elected… E

Abortion is advocated only by persons who have themselves been born.
Ronald Reagan

Anonymous JohnT said...

Lets not forget the disarming of gun owners!

Anonymous JohnT said...

Obama the flip flopper!
Obama won the Democratic presidential nomination by presenting himself as the more consistent antiwar candidate, and the Democratic ticket in public pledges to end the war in Iraq and adopt a less militaristic stance. But behind closed doors, before select audiences of the financial and political elite, Biden has given a glimpse of the real perspective of the Democratic wing of American imperialism.

If we are to head towards war, lets have a true American lead the way!

Anonymous haydee florez said...

I would like to suggest that we had one of the worst nightmare in dealing with the HOSTAGES AT THE USA EMBASSY IN IRAN during the extremely weak adminstration of President Carter. An Obama admistration would be even weaker, by his own words,he will talk without preconditions with our enemies including the President of Iran:Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.You don't have to be a "Nuclear Engineer" to see who will best deal with the terrorist that want to destroy western civilization

America's Best Choice!

Anonymous Douglas "Dougie" Stevenson said...

In order to effectively deal with radical Islam leaders, one must present themselves from a position of authority. You have to know that in their own culture, its OK to lie, cheat, and barter their way out of situations, especially when someone shows weakness. It is especially pertinent when you're considered an Infidel. Even from an Infidel, its acceptable to steal.

One must also consider that the Jews and the Christians are meant to be slaves or dead for Muslims. It is their Jihad.

As BHO has repeatedly disrespected the military and has shown considerable weakness regarding his actions toward Iran's leaders already, I'd say he'll be tested alright. They'll make a mockery of us and our Military when Barack doesn't know what to do and has no CIC skills so relevant to leadership.

The Military takes an oath to uphold the Constitution. Not the Presidency. Not Congress.

I have no confidence in Obama and OBiden. None. No Cahunas. No snap. Panzies.

John McCain knows what it takes to lead and knows how to deal with these terrorists. Hands down.

Anonymous David J. Sforsa said...

Hey Dr Smith,
I could not agree more that this is the MAIN issue that should be on the voter's minds but it isn't. They are more worried about their wallets than their safety. My concern is what will happen is Obama is elected. He will undoubtedly try to "repair relations" with our enemies, the rest of the world and anyone who will listen to him. He will try to "right the wrongs" of the Bush Administration and bring us all back together. This will be perceived as weakness by the Iran, China and Russia. They will seek to build a "peaceful" cooalition with the US and watch from afar as Obama guts our Defense and our Military making us ever more vulnerable. Once they are convinced that we are in a weakend state they will strike. Israel will be a main target and they will all but dare us to get involved in the conflict. Obama is so naive about the state of the world that he will believe that he is truly bringing peace and security to America when in reality he is just setting us up for the deathblow. God help us al if he is elected. McCain on the other hand will strike first, strike hard and not blink. He's what we need. Will we get it? There are storm clouds gathering in the distance.


Anonymous Andi Morony said...

Well, lets see...a man who has not only fought in war but been a POW or a man who is known to be anti-defense of this country....

Hmmmm...gee...who should we pick? I'm thinkin' McCain, baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous Roger Zan said...

For us to sit back and completely ignore Ahmedinajad, whom I call "the Hitler of Iran" in quoting Michael Savage, would be like Poland trusting that Hitler would not invade them during WW2. Iran is a real threat and although I propose dialogue over invasions, I doubt much progress can be made with a psychotic ruler who has pledged the complete annihilation of a neighboring country...meaning Israel. Whether or not people support Israel, it has a right to exist and pledging its destruction is disgusting and amounts to the same rhetoric that came out of the third reich during WW2 in justifying the holocaust. I honestly don't know how this issue with Iran will turn out and what the future holds in terms of Iran, but the day they get their hands on a nuke is the day the world will stop to exist because fanatics like them will not hesitate to martyr themselves and take us all with them. Such power in the hands of a psychotic is hazardous to all of our healths.

Anonymous Brad Chang said...

This is feeling an awful lot like a flashback to the choice of Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan... right down to going to battle against the Iranians.

Anonymous Mary Walker said...

I honestly fear for the safety of America if Obama is elected. Instead of fighting terrorism on foreign shores, we'll be fighting it on our own.

Anonymous Jeff Bloomer said...

One needs only to consult recent news to answer this question. Senator Joe Biden himself said before he became Obama's running mate that there was "no time for on-the-job training" in the event of an international crisis, yet he said more recently that we can expect an international crisis within the first six months of an Obama administration that just such an event will occur, because these countries will wish to "test" him.

Honestly, I can't think of a scarier scenario, since Obama has NO track record and no experience making these types of decicsions. Sure, the Democrats will say that he has plenty of people at his disposal to consult, but these are the kinds of decisions that can not be made lightly. Naiveté in foreign affairs - no matter how endearing and noble it may seem during a campaign - is not charming, it's dangerous.

The only logical choice in this case is John McCain. He has the military experience to back him up, along with his many years of service to our country as a Senator making difficult decisions directly related to our continuing struggle in the Middle East. I would find it more than a realistic challenge to convice you otherwise.

Anonymous Scott Hoffmann said...

Will we be prepared this time around? I recently read in a magazine article that China will have as many as 30 million men in their military by the year 2020. Read that statement again! Does it scare you? It should. Why on earth should any country have the need for a military of this magnitude, unless they have 1 single, solitary goal of being the next superpower!

It is impossible to "negotiate" with a fundamentalist organization. No matter what approach you take they are NOT listening b/c they want you DEAD!

I cringe when I hear the words, "Negotiate with Fundamentalists". That is an oxymoron.

Blogger Bill Smith said...

The decision has been decided. Barack Obama has been elected to represent the American people as our next president. As for me, I will pray for wisdom for our new president that he will be given wisdom to confront the Iranian Time Bomb.

Anonymous tiffany jewellery said...

The American people have voiced poll after poll their continued negative opinion of the present Congress lead by Democrats and have given the Democrat leadership the lowest ratings in history.


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