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One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors. -- Plato (429-347 BC)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Harry Reid: Exit Now, Stage Left and Get Some Help

Bill Smith, Editor:  It is time for Harry Reid to step down as Senate Majority Leader. In addition, his family should be very concerned about  Harry's mental health.  Retiring may be his best option.  After 30 years in Washington, Reid is showing signs of dementia and thus, a decreased capacity to serve his constituents and the American people properly.

His poll numbers are so low that we can say that they are "in the toilet." He is seen by a majority as incompetent, a buffoon or the administration's court jester.  By some, he is seen as a latent racist with his latest comments about Obama being "light skinned" and being able to turn off his "negro dialect." I wonder what the First Lady thinks of Reid's comments. Reid's comments are being dismissed by the President who needs Reid to help deliver the unpopular government health care bill.

Those following events in Washington, D.C. have noted Reid's increasing mental lapses and "foot-in-mouth" episodes. In fact, Reid may have passed the point of being just the blunt of political jokes by members and their staff on both sides of the aisle. He may well be in need of our compassion, because he is showing signs of some form of dementia. Possibly the stress of the political intrigue in his capacity as Senate Majority Leader has exacerbating his declining ability to reason properly. It is time for Harry to retire and to use the Cadillac medical benefits to care for himself in his remaining days of lucidness before slipping further over the edge into total lunacy.

The following excerpts (and the image) from the ALG News Editorial are supportive of the above position:
The weekend news that Reid attributed much of Barack Obama's political success to his being a “light-skinned” African-American who spoke with “no Negro dialect unless he wanted to have one” reveals a man who in an earlier day and age may have been kindly referred to as “in his dotage.” Others may have a more descriptive term for Reid’s bizarre behavior. But, “dotage” seems sufficient. And entirely accurate.

[I]in early August angrily accused those protesting this socialized medicine bill as “attempting to sabotage the democratic process.” To the crotchety Reid, theirs were “nothing more than destructive efforts to interrupt a debate.”

Reid went so far as to invent his own chilling term for those who dared dissent from his dogma. To him, they were “evil-mongers,” spreading “lies, innuendo, and rumor.” Gently reminded that no such term actually existed, a strangely euphoric Reid exclaimed, “It was original with me!”

In early November, while introducing his Senate version of government health care take over, he cryptically proclaimed that the measure would “guarantee” the American people “the right to live free from the fear of illness and death.” Even the Good Book doesn’t promise that.

In early December, when the new $621 million Capital Visitors Center opened, Reid applauded the opening with embarrassing observation, “My staff tells me not to say this, but I'm going to say it anyway. In the summer because of the heat and high humidity, you could literally smell the tourists coming into the Capitol. It may be descriptive but it's true."

In late December, as the debate over health care reached its peak, the increasingly moody Reid displayed a shocking disregard for the most basic rules of the Senate. When Sen. Tom Coburn objected to a request that an amendment be accepted by Unanimous Consent, Rule XV, paragraph 1, of the Senate parliamentary guide required that the amendment be read in its entirety. Ignoring the body’s own rules, a petulant Reid overrode 200 years of Senate tradition.
Back as April 2007, Sen. Reid's exhibited a singular strange behavior that was written off off as politics. Remember when he declared, "The War in Iraq is Lost." His statement stunned everyone including his fellow Democrats except for possibly the "code pinkos." At the time, it appeared that he had indeed drunk their "pink cool aide."

Politico has summarized a few of Reid's memorable gaffes with supporting comments. Below is only a list of the gaffes:
  • On the Iraq war: “This war is lost.” (April 2007)
  • On Alan Greenspan: “One of the biggest political hacks we have in Washington.” (March 2005)
  • On the death of Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA): “I think it’s going to help us.” (August 2009)
  • “You know, Joe, I can’t stand John McCain.” (August 2008)
  • On President George W. Bush: “I think this guy is a loser.” (May 2005)
  • On Capitol tourists: “You can always tell when it is summertime because you can smell the visitors. The visitors stand out in the high humidity, heat, and they sweat.” (December 2008)
  • To a Las Vegas Review-Journal executive: “I hope you go out of business.” (August 2009)
  • On Gen. Peter Pace, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: “Incompetent.” (June 2007) The fallout: The comment stoked GOP criticisms that Democrats were anti-military, but Bush eventually replaced Pace.
  • On town hall protesters and agitators: “Evil-mongers.” (August 2009)
  • On Senate opponent John Ensign: Ensign “shouldn’t be interpreting the Constitution,” because he’s a veterinarian. (1998)
Harry Reid may be some "the crazy uncle under the stairs." Compassion and faith require me to pray for him. My duty as a citizen and author of this article is to shout: Harry Reid: Exit Now, Stage Left, Keep Going, And Get Some Help!

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Anonymous Ruthie Steele said...


Anonymous Penny Baird Mercer said...

Ain't happin' Only The right has to play the PC game.

Anonymous Kirk Luehrs said...

I want Harry to go up to Harlem at 2 in the morning and explain to the dudes hanging out there that what he said wasn't racist..

Anonymous Angie Faith Germond said...

well we are going to boot him out of office very soon hope his head spins!

Anonymous Patriot Come Lately said...

Actually Sen. Harry Reid and Rep. Alan Dis-Grayson both have mental health issues. Could we lock them up together? We could even use all the hot air to generate some energy. A "green" solution to our problem. :-)

Anonymous Toby Marie Walker said...

This should be our prayer tonight.

Anonymous Tom Degan's Daily Rant said...

For the Republicans to now claim a newly-found racial sensitivity is quite amusing to say the least. If that is the case, why the hell did they choose the dumbest black guy they could possibly find to chair the RNC? Racial sensitivity? Please.

Harry Reid will survive this little snafu he's gotten into - but just barely. As the numbers stand, he is not likely to be reelected this November. He should step aside with dignity and allow his party to nominate someone with a better chance of winning on Election Day. Maybe he will do the right thing - who knows?. In spite of everything he strikes me as essentially a decent guy. He should just go back to Nevada to a dignified retirement and bask in the glow of his career as a public servant - or go to work as a lobbyist for the gambling industry - anything. He just needs to realize that his number is up.

Reid's comments, while inarticulate, hardly constitute the fuss that is currently being made. All it really amounts to is the GOP's Kvetch Du Jour. They have so little credibility left that it really is quite touching watching them stoop to these non-issues. It is total desperation on their part. Today it is Harry Reid's harmless gaffe; tomorrow it will be something equally stupid and irrelevant. Just you wait and see.

Tom Degan
Goshen, NY

Blogger Ron Russell said...

Kirk L. if Harry was in Harlem at 2am, he wouldn't have to say anything to be in trouble--he's white!

I think both Reid and Pelosi are both over the edge---seriouly! The both have a vacant distant stare in their eyes, not a good sign.

Yep, its time for Harry to exit left and return sanity to that Nevada senate seat.

Anonymous Ilona Willis said...

CNN is off the hook reporting on Dingy Harry due to the earthquake in Haiti.
Our hearts go out to the victims.

Anonymous John Eck said...

You can almost hear the Looney Toons theme playing in Dingy Harry's head. You can see it in his eyes.

Blogger Unknown said...

I just asked the same question earlier this week about Reid in the beginning stages of dementia. I never got an answer from the person I asked but now I know I'm not the only one that seems to have notice the same thing.
I would like to ask you another question to see if you have an answer as it seems no one else will answer me. Why do we have to get this healthcare bill shoved down our throats & the people that work for us, our representatives, & Obama & his czars & administration, & now the Union are not having it shoved down their throats. Like I say they work for us, we do not work for them.

Blogger Bill Smith said...


A very good question. nfortuantely, as I retweeted another person's comment a few minutes ago: "what bothers me most is that the health care bill proves Congress is the new aristocracy."

In America, we have lost the value of "public servant" in Washington, D.C. Interesting these "type" people, who have voted themselves extremely high pay and benefits, had no problem paying me and my comrades-in-arms $72 a month when drafted to die in Vietnam.

I do have heartburn with the high pay and benefits that the rascals in Congress awarded themselves and then their constant theft of our money via taxes and a mandates on our states which in turn cost all of us more money.

They have definitely forgotten that they work for "us" and they were to have done their duty as temporary citizen servants without building a nest egg while doing it. There should be no room in America for career politicians or tyrants.


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