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One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors. -- Plato (429-347 BC)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Proud to Be a Republican Woman

Katherine Beard, Townhall: Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s recent accusation reeked of feminism when she announced that Republicans were “anti-women.” This claim was also absurd and completely false.

In fact, her statement is almost laughable in face of the fact that the Republicans have at least one, and possibly two, female presidential candidates.

But while Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann continuously correct lame-stream media myths, they rarely have time step off the defensive field and explain what Republican women are all about.

But the truth of the matter is that the Republican Party promotes the ideals that women across the country deal with every day. Republicans stand for family values and economic responsibility. They believe in small business and in job creation. Ultimately, Republicans foster a prosperous America, so that the children of today will have a brighter future tomorrow.

Watch as Republican House representatives explain why ladies can and should be proud to be a Republican woman, too.

“The Republican agenda is indeed pro women.”

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Posted by Bill Smith at 7:41 PM - Post Link


Blogger Stefani Buhajla said...

So DWS claims GOP hates women? The good congresswoman would then do well to stop peddling premarital sex and abortion to young teen girls by advocating Planned Parenthood to them, an organization that destroys the lives of countless women, desecrates life, and has it's foundation in eugenics.

Rep. West is right, she is vile.

Anonymous Rose Colombo said...

Republicans aren't killing unborn babies and funding Planned Parenthood

Anonymous Tj Grogg said...

Conservative Women Rock the House! And real men love them.(mine has for 46yrs) Poor Nag NOW women. They have never known what its like. Ahh. . And theres the Rub. Brainwashed Democrat Women do as their told by Liberal Big Brother, even though they think their ones who thought of it. Lol

Blogger Bill Smith said...

I've loved my principled conservative Republican sweetheart for over 48 yrs. (married 45 yrs)

Blogger Robbi Lou said...

I am a Republican woman because I feel the Republican party best express my beliefs. I see Republicans as pro-family, pro-business, and pro-positive opportunities for women and for men.

Anonymous Sandy Houpt said...

I am a proud Republican woman and I have values that apparently are not understood by Debbie Wasserman Schultz and many other NOW women! They just need to remember one thing, this is my country and there are more of us than there are of you! We are now getting vocal so you better watch out, here comes the real American women!

Blogger Teresa said...

Republican women Rock!!! We believe in women and fight for them from the womb onward.

How many females have lib women killed or supported killing all in the name of "choice"?

Republican women are feminists and liberals are feminuts.

Anonymous Judith Bruinius said...

Republicans just don't want the filthy mouthed, god hating feminists who want to kill their unborn babies!

Anonymous Kelly Courtney said...

Is Satan's girlfriend (Debbie) spewing her split pea colored lies again?

Anonymous Tj Grogg said...

My Ed says the same about me Bill. We've known each since we were kids, been together 48 yrs, celebrating our 47th anniversary on New Yeas Eve. Liberal women don't understand,nor want to, this type of commitment. Sad

Anonymous Debi Bohannan said...

Lib women seldom shut up long enough to learn other points of view. Your wife is blessed.

Anonymous Debi Bohannan said...

‎"Who under 30 is not a liberal, has no heart. Who over 30 is not a conservative, has no brain." (Churchill)

Blogger Bill Smith said...

Although a good quote by Churchill, the U.S. is not England. We are the land of liberty and God given (not Gov't granted) rights where we once taught our Children in our schools about their God given rights and the privileged and responsibility of being an American. So, our past liberals ranged from anarchists to those who wanted everyone to be more generosity including the Gov't. However this has changed over the years. Now, the young are no longer taught about the greatness of America and are being liberal is not generosity with ones own life (which President Kennedy called upon) but the forceful taking of money (and even the exercise of rights) from others and reliance on Gov't.

I have been blessed to meet so many young (under 30) committed conservatives. However, I find many still anchored. Often they find me a little questioning "what do your believe" verses what label they wear. And, "how did you arrive at these set of beliefs and upon what do you base them?"

Speaking of Winston Churchill: He learned from his mother Jennie Jerome about her former country, the USA, even though she left the USA to live with her husband in England. In my opinion, she may have been one of the greatest influences on saving Great Britain by instilling in her son, Winston Churchill, values and beliefs developed from her being an American. Churchill never forgot his American roots and was able to use this relationship to bond with the United States to save Great Britain.

Blogger Priscilla said...

Proud to be a Conservative woman, and proud of all the women who stand up for the Conservative Message

Blogger Jenn said...

Technically, that quote about young liberals and old conservatives has been mistakenly attributed to Winston Churchill. He never said that, and it didn't reflect his life. He actually started out conservative and became more liberal as he got older, probably because of the influence of his wife. Thankfully, it does not hold true in reality, either. I'm seeing more and more younger people right now who are paying for the mistakes of the baby-boomers, and are clearly seeing the dangers of so-called progressivism.

But more to the topic of the post, yes, Dr. Bill, I'm a first generation Republican in my family, the only one (male or female) with a post-graduate degree, and the only woman in my family who has ever supported herself financially. I am very, very grateful for role models like Phyllis Schlafley, Laura Bush, my governor Mary Fallin, and the Republican women in this video. Their courage in standing up to to liberal lies is inspiring and heartening, and I am grateful for all that they've done.

Anonymous Debi Bohannan said...

Good points, Bill, and I agree. 1st mention of 'liberalism' was in the OT "The churl shall no longer be called 'liberal.' (Isa 31:5). Part of maturing is having the compassion of youth, then acquiring wisdom, with age, on where to show it. It happens best for those established on a 'firm foundation' of faith.

Anonymous Tj Grogg said...

May not be England Bill,and quite frankly? ThankGod. However,Deb's paraphrasing of Churchill's 'If your not a liberal when your twenty,you don't have a heart.And if your not a conservative by the time your fourty, ynu haven't a brain', is what conservative women are all about! I have this VERY QUOTE posted on my profile.Thanks Deb. Another wonderful thing about true conservative women is this: We don't like to be lectured to! Lol

Blogger Bill Smith said...

Good points Debi & TJ. And TJ, no lecturing intended just discussing the quote.

Anonymous Rolland Brill said...

Poor Debbie read the unedited script again, but she caught the error in time and substituted "Democrat" for "Republican".

Anonymous Debrah Donner said...

Poor Debbie... she needs to educate herself or else stop lying on record

Anonymous Debbie Hamilton said...

I love what Allen West said, 'she is no lady therefore she does not deserve his respect' or something like that

Anonymous Mary Dwilet said...

Debbie is just another liberal big mouth, Allen West put her in her place. why are the dem. women so mean, starting with Nancy Pelosi the witch in my book,n so on

Anonymous Monica Brown Clayton said...

It's a jealous thing!

Anonymous Doug Pettit said...

We also need to stand up and defend conservative women like Bachmann and Palin who continue to get slammed in the press and the Hollywood elite.I believe they are afraid of good looking,smart and intelligent women.

Anonymous Tj Grogg said...

I see your point Bill! Lol got it. Thanks

Blogger Bill Smith said...

Doug - good point. TJ - Tks

Anonymous Nannette Ramsey said...

Proud to be a Republican Woman.

Anonymous Patricia Armstrong said...

To a liberal woman, the most important thing is that she be able to kill her unborn child when she wants to.

Anonymous Nancy Young Gatchel said...

Proud to be a conservative, T.E.A. Party, Republican woman. We know how to add and subtract, as well as read.

Anonymous Pamm Thomas said...

And our Christian values are more important than anything least to me they are...GOD first, then family and Country!

Anonymous Peggy Hawkins said...

I am proud to be very conservative,T.E.A.Party Constitutionist woman.I know my ABC!S and how to work my Numbers,so can i read and know what the markist are doing.

Anonymous De Anna Wright said...

Me too. What true words. Stand firm. We need a good leader. Right?

Anonymous Debbie Miller Holth said...

It doesn't matter what a Republican says - they get in trouble for it one way or another - so I say "bring it on"....the truth is something we should be proud of and not shirk from. Those on the side of lies and evil will naturally throw at you whatever they have in their arsenal. Finally, someone with a spine on our side...........

Anonymous Nancy Garvin said...

Not so long ago I was a democrat and so were why family before me but in 2008 I was awaken to the reality of what was going on now and in the past with our government and country. I am now so proud to be a conservative and huge supporter of the TEA PARTY. I don't even care if I am labeled a racist because I stand against OBAMASS and the radical movement of the progressives. I do not want to lose AMERICA to a bunch of sick and evil people....GOD BLESS AMERICA !!

Anonymous Peggy Hawkins said...

Nancy, Thanks for sharing,I had been a life long demoni-rat bur did not take time to check out their stand,but in 2008 I prayed and ask God to remove from my conscious the idea that I still had to obey My parents in death by continuing that path when it did not work hand in hand with the Holy Bible and God!s Plans, He and He alone do I want to make joyful in my life. For I could never intentionally be part of abortionist program. When I read Huntly Brown's email on his stand against Obama and him a black man, I had to flee from what I had been. Thank God my parents died before they ever knew all this evil group stands for.

Please google Huntley Brown and also word Dhimmitude as in Healthcare bill.

Anonymous Nancy Garvin said...

I agree Peggy...ty for the insight, GOD BLESS US ALL !!

Anonymous Patti Vaughn said...

I come from a long line of conservatives, God help us all!!!!

Anonymous Stephanie M. Davis said...

Democrats are nuts; that's all you need to know...

Anonymous Tamra Sexton said...

Amen to that Sister! God Bless!

Anonymous Stephanie M. Davis said...

@tamra sexton: :-) Same to you my friend!!

Anonymous Tamra Sexton said...

Thank you Stephanie! Have a Blessed Day!


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